Finding the Problem and Researching the Candida Cures that Work


      Let me tell you about how I ended up with Candida. As anyone knows, stress is a big factor in a lot of health issues, also things that you eat contribute also. I remember when I was younger, my teenage years, I consumed a lot of sugar products, mainly chocolate, like candy bars. Also, I drank a lot of sodas. I didn't realize at that time how important it is to make sure you eat the right things; healthy things.

     As I grew older, I continued on the same path of eating unhealthy, like fast food restaurants, no vegetables; Just carbs constantly.

     In 1986, I met my future husband. As young people are at the age of 18, I didn't make the right decisions in my life, so as a result, I had a lot of stress. I was married at a young age, had a baby; so, I wasn't as stress- free as I should have been.Symptoms of stress

     AS TIME WENT BY……..

As years went by, stress related issues got worse and worse. In the years 2002-2005, things were so bad, that my health started going downhill fast. I started feeling really bad at the beginning of 2005. My stomach started hurting all the time, I felt some burning pain under my ribs across the stomach area. I did not know what the problem was.

That's when I started going to see doctors. I started hurting so bad that I went to the emergency room at 3 different hospitals, with no answers.

As it continued, I was slowly losing weight, couldn't eat hardly. The burning pain got worse and worse, traveling everywhere, through my legs, arms, face, tongue, throat. I actually went to see a doctor and told him my symptoms and said to him that I thought I had toxins going through me(which was actually happening at that time and I didn't know it), and this is what he said: "quote" "unquote"- If toxins were going through you, you would not be talking to me right now. In other words; he thought I was stupid, that I did not know what I was talking about.

So I ignored that and listened to what else he had to say which was: Since you don't have insurance we will give you medication for an ulcer since you have had ulcers in the past: how silly right? So, I was prescribed the medication, and to my surprise, it actually was helping. It was a very strong antibiotic.

Well, after I started feeling better, all of a sudden I got this strong craving for chocolate, and I happened to have chocolate on hand ( too bad it was easter time, huh). I indulged myself in chocolate, which was the wrong thing to do. I started feeling bad again, this time, worse. So I was called in another prescription of the antibiotic. But this time, it did not help, which was odd. Back to the drawing board.

Emergency room



I continued to feel bad and started going to the health food store for answers. I did start taking things that did help somewhat. I still did not know what my health issue was, so I did not know what to take for sure. All this time I was still going to hospitals and having so many tests taken, blood work drawn, and no answers.

To get toward the end of my story here,(there is so much I went through that it will take pages to write) I ended up having my gallbladder taken out thinking that that was my major problem here, but, after that, It was 10 times worse. I ended up going to this general doctor and told him my symptoms( you just don't know how many times I had to repeat my symptoms to doctor after doctor and have them think I was crazy), All he could tell me was: I was having anxiety symptoms- then he prescribed me antidepressants. Oh My-that was the worse thing I could have done.

Oh, By the way, the causes of anxiety and panic attacks(which I had a lot of) are of course related to stress and candida.

Back to my story…  I switched from one antidepressant to another because each one was causing me suicidal thoughts. After the 6th or 7th antidepressant, I was told by the doctor that he did not know what to do so he will have to send me to a psychiatrist.

I went to this so called psychiatrist.  He prescribed me mirtazapine. That medicine put me out. made my muscles so weak that I couldn't get out of bed. It was the worst thing I could have took at the time because the suicidal thoughts going through my head was so strong, that I went on the internet to find the best and quickest way to kill myself. I stopped taking any drugs after that episode.Drug interactions





I happened to find a holistic doctor that specialized in candida. I was so desperate at that time to find out what was going on that I thought I would try anything to fix this problem. I was down to 97 pounds at that time.

I was fixing to go to Orlando Florida to see this famous doctor so he could help. I went to the holistic doctor 2 weeks before my trip to Orlando. I went back in a week after he took blood to do a test for candida and my hormones. I was told a week before the trip that I was diagnosed with candida, a high percentage of it.

He sent me home with a checklist of what not to eat and what I could eat. Also. some liquid to take to get rid of the candida. All the time I had this problem I had severe anxiety and brain fog- so when I left the doctor, I went straight to the health food store, bought some other product in pill form for candida, as soon as I took it I felt some of the brain fog go away.Doctor search



I went on my trip to Florida and seen the doctor to do a brain test. This test would check for brain chemical imbalances. I was so bad at that time, that the doctor actually paid for me to go to New York where his office was to get more tests done. I went there a couple of days after my Florida trip.

I had so many tests done. My bone density was so bad that I was on the verge of osteoporosis. My memory was so bad that when I was told a story(very short story) and was asked to answer questions about the characters, I could not remember hardly anything. I was told that 2 of my brain chemicals were very low. At the time I went on this trip, I could hardly sleep at all, maybe 3 hours at a time. Well, needless to say, I started on natural supplements for my health issues.




When I got back to my home state, I started researching on my own. Looking at websites about this candida. Trying to find a better product to use, because the ones I had wasn't working quick enough. I found a website in particular. I have forgotten the name of it, but the couple who made the site had candida like me, but had it for 12 years before they found what it was.Research problem

 There are two types of candida: systemic candida is the one I have(yes I still have it but very little now). Systemic candida is a very dangerous form of it. I have another page on my site that explains it.
As I was looking on this couple's website, I found a product that they tried, they said the symptoms of their candida was disappearing one by one as they took this product. So I decided to order it. When I received it, the very first pill I took really made a difference for me. It is a probiotic. I will mention the names of the products I use on my review page.




As I continued on this probiotic, I started feeling a little better as time went on..slow going tho. A friend of mine who is an e.f.t practitioner  found another product that he thought I could benefit from. It is called Food grade hydrogen peroxide. I started taking it and wow… My candida started going away quicker.. So, I was taking both the probiotic and the food grade hydrogen peroxide.

After awhile on those, my friend and I decided to do some cleanses, and he found a candida cleanse probiotic that we both started doing, and this particular probiotic, which targets candida, worked so quickly, that I have continued to stay on it all this time. Between the 2 probiotics and the food grade hydrogen peroxide, I am about over this candida. And let me tell you… candida is hard to get rid of! It makes you crave carbs and sugar, and if you give in to these 2 things, it backfires on you!Feeling good

I am feeling soo much better these days! and I do owe a lot to my friend that has helped me out a lot through this.

All those years that I suffered from this problem, could have been prevented if candida was more known by doctors.

Any of you that are suffering from this health issue,  please feel free to ask me any questions about it. I did not let it destroy me, it almost did, but I never gave up! I can tell you just about anything you need to know about it. There are a lot of candida symptoms, but you can overcome these!



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  1. Thank you .. Yes It took me awhile to finally find out the problem. No thanks to the so called doctors that didn’t know what they were doing. I encourage people to see only hollistic doctors. I may have a post on my website about diabetes. You should check it out. Please let everyone you know about candida!

  2. What your neighbor needs to do is get tested for candida. She can find a hollistic doctor to get tested. I cant say for sure about if she has the problem unless the test reveals it. But since her doctors cant find the problem . It possibly may be the reason. Please suggest for her to get a candida test from a hollistic doctor.

  3. I really appreciate your kind words. Yes I have been through alot. Took alot of years to find the problem out and alot of years to get better. I have my website to help people. To make everyone aware of what is really causing alot of their problems. I am all better now. Thanks for your kindness! 

  4. You are a pretty strong lady miss. You have gone through a lot and I’m so proud that you can actually share your story with us about candida. Its not something I’ve heard of before but looking at your story, you’ve really overcome. I’m happy you could find a solution after what the doctors put you through. You’re a very strong woman. I will share this post. It is inspiring and educative at the same time. I wish you complete recovery. Best regards

  5. Hi,

    Thanks again for another great article about finding the problem and research the candida cures. Whenever I  read your article, every time learn something new. In past, I have learned candida, and this time learned how it cures. Yesterday I was just talking to one of my neighbours. She said she had an anxiety problem. Sometimes she feels sharp chest pain, long time doctors trying yo find out the reason but couldn’t. She had no heart problem. I asked her to read your article then she could find out about Candida. Do you think it could be a cause for that?

  6. Wow! Your resilience is the reason I hope would motivate me to overcome my diabetes. Candida is really bad and relatively new to the health word in terms of knowledge. I also got to know about it for the first time here on this website. Your resilience, constant desire to find solution actually led you to discovering what is wrong with you. You’ve spelt out the various symptoms that needs to be looked out for as precautions against candida. I will be glad to share this out to people to get more people sensitized. Tha

  7. Hello seun.. please go to my website. please read my story which is my first post.. I have only been taking 3 things since I was diagnosed by a holistic doctor. I only trust holistic doctors. Please find one for your friend and they can get tested. There is a self test you can do at home also. The spit test. If you would like to talk to me more about this please email  at  . My website has information of the things I take . Go to my review page and find links.

  8. This is actually the first time I’m hearing about this and I’m grateful I came across this as well as, it was educative and informative at the same time, I’m really interested in knowing how you cured yours, I’ve got someone who is really in need of the cure for candida, it wasn’t really mentioned in your article,  Please do let me know how you went about as this will be much appreciated.

  9. Hello Roy. Thank you for the comment.Yes I have been through alot. I do not go to doctors any more. I have no use for any prescribed medicines. I only use my own cure. It is working perfectly. I am almost over this, still have some of it. Takes a while to get rid of when I had it so long. Every one needs to know about this problem cause  alot of problems are the result of this. What I use are the things I have on my website, the natural things are working! 

  10. I had heard of but never actually what candida was until I read your article. Thank you so much for enlightening me.
    Am so sorry for all the drama you have been through during your life but am thrilled that you have eventually worked it all out. I salute you my friend.
    Are you now completely cured? Have you lost all face in normal medicines? Is all your medication now natural?

  11. Hi Wendy. Thank you for the comment on my post. Once health issues start, it is a hard struggle to get back to normal. It is so good that you do not eat the sugar and bad food.More people should learn to eat healthy and take the right things for their health.

  12. I’m sorry you had all of the problems with candida but I’m glad you found a solution and are feeling better. I wasn’t to kind to my body either over the years. I had many health problems and was overweight. It wasn’t until I started cutting out the fake food and sugar that I got well. Now I only eat low carb, high fat food.

  13. Hello Andi. Thank you for coming to my site and readin up on this very bad problem that a lot of people have but they just do not realize it. Yes, Medications gives a person all kinds of bad symptoms. I am so glad you have stopped taking them. Please get on a very good probiotic. There are alot out there that just doesn’t work. Believe me I know, I have tried a lot. The symbion probiotics are very good. I think you should read their website and see what they say about what these probiotics do. You can go to my review page and click on the link. I would like to keep in touch with me. If you click on the contact me which is on my website, you can put in your email address so we can keep in touch. Let me know your progressof how you do after taking probiotics.

  14. I feel so sorry that you had to battle your symptoms for so long without the doctors even listening to you properly, it is no wonder you had anxiety and depression and quite upset for the fact you had suicidal thoughts because of the antidepressants. I have taken them in a high dose for over two years for the second time in my life (no suicidal thoughts though) and since starting WA I have had a huge boost in confidence and memory, so much so that I weaned myself off them and I feel so much better. I do think they helped for a long time but I just reached a point where I didn’t want and evidently didn’t need them anymore.
    I went in to one of the health food shops near me and was talking to one of the owners about nettle tea and it’s benefits I had read about and wanted to try. We got on to the subject of Probiotics somehow and he explained to me about some fairly expensive ( about £25) he said that you only need to take such high quality ones if you are feeling particularly ill and that they do the most amazing job of making you well again then maintain your health with a cheaper one. I always have improvement in my health when I can afford to take these products.
    I have never heard of the food grade Hydrogen Peroxide being used but that is something I am glad I have learnt about because I went on to your next page about symptoms. I already know that I have a lot of them, although many of them much improved since not taking so many other meds. I get hives and so bad sometimes I took a cocktail of meds for those after my son was born actually it’s a bit worse than just hives and more of an auto immune thing that makes my skin swell so bad my skin cracks and weeps, I was getting terrible migraines, anger, mood swings, diabetes high blood pressure, hyper heat and sweating bloating, brain fog, so tired then insomnia really bad memory etc etc. the list goes on and on. Without the meds I am feeling so much better which is a bit strange. I still have a lot of symptoms but much improved.
    So probiotics will be my next step. Thank you so much for a very informative website.

  15. Tove, Coconut oil does wonders. I will be talking about that in my website also, And I can promote your site within the post if you want. I have a page of reviews of the products I use that is curing my candida. Go to my review page.

  16. Hi Sundra

    Thanks for sharing your story with me. It was a tough one that’s for sure, but I’m really glad you are well today. I would love to hear more of how you got well. I have struggled a lot with my health too, and are so happy I discovered coconut oil.

  17. Hi udohh.Thank you for the comment. Yes alot of doctors do not know the reason for people’s health issues, they just treat the symptoms, They just know what was iin the medical books. If they actually cared about the patient , they would find the cause. I will definatly put stats about that in my site, thank you for the advice.Please check back in again to my site as I will be adding more.

  18. Hi Matt.Thank you for your comment. Anyone should definitely watch what they eat and make sure they keep stress out of their life as much as possible. I wish I knew back before I had this problem all I know now about it, Because I sure would have done things differently.,Please check my website off and on , as I will be adding to it. And if you have friends you know that have health problems that have symptoms like candida has(check out my what is candida page)Pass this along to them.

  19. Hi Retha. Thank you for the comment. I am glad you are interested in this. Well as far as the suicidal thoughts I had. Candida affects a person that way.And anti-depressants made it worse. They have warnings on the package that they may cause suicidal thoughts. Well, with my candida so bad at the time,I was more likely to have those thoughts, and I did. After I stopped taking the prescriptions, I still continued to be that way,because candida affects your mind. It travels all over your system when you have systemic candida, which I did.. I will be explaining that in my page what is candida. Systemic candida is the worst. Lots of toxins go through your bloodstream. It is a killer. Well, I could go on about the subject,but I will let you keep checking my website, if you will,to read up on this as I add more to it.

  20. Hi Richard. Thank you for the comment. I have a ways to go on improving the site.I just want people to know about this, because the iinformation is out there ,but people do not know of this problem. A lot of health issues stem from this. I will add more content and hope you keep checking my website as I go along.

  21. Hi Julie. Thanks for the comment. Yes It is better when you know others are going through the same thing. I did not know for a long time of what it even was. When I finally found out, and then I found someone else that went through the same thing , it was really nice to know there was some one else that knew what I was going through.Please keep checking my website, as I will continue to add to it.

  22. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. I myself was prone to suffering from candida often during my 20’s as a result of inadequate sleep, then stress from college and starting out with my first job. I would suffer from candida quite often which was very uncomfortable but I finally found a good doctor who was able to help me. I wish I had read your story before because knowing that others went through something similar would have helped me a great deal.

  23. Hi Sundra
    Well I had never heard of this before reading your article and after asking my wife about it I now know why your site is very informative and deals with all the issues relating to this problem thank you for sharing I thought your site to be set out well .

  24. You have a very unique and interesting website. I’ve never heard of Candida, I thought you were trying to say Candid, which is a type of perfume that Avon sells, lol. I love sweets too, even now, but I don’t eat nearly as much to get Candida. I was greatly touched by your story as I read about your ups, downs, ups then your really downs, and hated the doctors that said they would just prescribe you something without taking the necessary precautions since you didn’t have any insurance. That’s not right! Anyway, I was so happy to hear that you are a lot better now, and to think that it’s because of your own research. Thanks God for that couple who helped you. What is it about Candida that made you want to kill yourself? Was it really that bad? Well I’m glad to hear that you didn’t take action on that, life is too precious! Good luck in the future and have a blessed life!

  25. Hi Sundra! Thanks so much for sharing your story. I am currently at a young age and should really begin to watch what I am eating to avoid problems like these in the future. However, I know that if anything were to go wrong in the future I would have your site to fall back on for information. Thank you for your expertise!

  26. Thank you for this informative post. The diet seems like it would be hard to follow as a lot of commonly found food are to be avoided. I wonder how many people get misdiagnosed because the doctors are not sure of what to do. Maybe you can include some stats for the site….
    Will be checking back your site again.

  27. Hi Loes.  Thank you for commenting. Yes I want people to know and understand what this is because it is a very destructive bacteria. Please keep up with my website as I am still in the process of making it better.

  28. Hi Sundra, I guess you are very right, that when the body in not in balance, the candida is taking over. And as candida is a fungus, it will feed itself with sugars and will grow fast.

    Quite a good thing to remind when you are prone to develop candida.


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