Candida is a new trigger to aging! Know how aging is associated with candida overgrowth

Everyone loves their youthfulness and would do all possible measures to look younger than their actual age. But sometimes, you won’t even have an idea how the systemic diseases can accelerate the process of destruction of cells. Although, it’s a fact that no one can omit the aging process from their life, but, you can implement some healthy tricks in your daily routine to look more vibrant in your 50’s or 60’s.

If you’re suffering from the candidiasis, you’re not alone, because over 30 million men and women experience the discomfort and health issues due to the candida overgrowth across the globe. However, some of the studies also concluded that most individuals will eventually experience the candida overproduction at least once in their life.

Despite the candida overgrowth in having a major role in speeding up the aging process, candidiasis has been reported as the fourth leading cause of bloodstream infection in the hospitalized patients, according to the latest study at Duke University. Also, if candidiasis is not figured out earlier and it becomes worse, it can cause death. 30% to 40% hospitalized patients die every year due to the severe candida overgrowth.old age

Perhaps, it’s better to control and manage the candidiasis to live younger and healthier.

I know that you’re very curious to know how the systemic candida contributes in the aging process, but, before heading up to this section, let’s explore the systemic candida and aging process.

What is systemic candidiasis all about?

In the healthy body, candida is responsible for making the digestion much easier, but, when it multiplies over and over, it can steal your health, happiness, and life. Dealing with candidiasis needs the serious actions and plan of care. Candida is not harmful as long as it multiplies on a bigger note. So, what is candida albicans? Because candida albicans is a dimorphic organism in nature, having the chameleon-like property. That means it has the ability to transform from a yeast into the mycelial fungal form. When it changes into the fungal form, it produces the long root-like structures, invasive called rhitzoids. What these structures do is they penetrate in the intestinal lining and starts destruction by releasing the intestinesharmful chemicals and not fully digested proteins in your blood streams. Afterward, the series of chemical reactions will be started and will eventually cause the variety of problems, including sensitiveness and allergies.

Well, why does candida become crazy and multiply rapidly? Numerous reasons could contribute to the development of the candidiasis. We usually take excessive pills to get the ease from pains and aches. Most often antibiotics kill the beneficial bacteria, including, candida Albicans. It is also reported that the candida albicans may suppress due to the uptake of the Antibiotics. Secondly, nutritional deficiencies also help in the candida overproduction. Use of contraceptive pills, malabsorption, and poor digestion could also lead to the candida development.

How would you know that candida overgrowth has just started in your body? Don’t take the following symptoms for granted because it could be the signal of more serious illness,

  • Depression
  • Mental fog
  • Mood swingsdepression
  • Thyroid hormone imbalance
  • Heartburn
  • Indigestion
  • Achy muscles and joints
  • Skin fungus
  • Nausea

Who would be more at risk of getting candidiasis? Candidiasis is not specific to a particular age group. Men, women, children, elderly, and pregnant women all are at high risk of getting systemic candidiasis. So, be cautious and try to stay away from the potential triggers of the candidiasis.

If your immune system is weak enough, the candida overgrowth could make your overall condition  worse.

What are the facts of aging?

Aging is all about the declination within your systems, organs, tissues, and cells. When you cross the milestone of the fifties, a series of biochemical changes will be started and lead to  degenerative changes. Your strength and beauty of youthfulness will be replaced by the wrinkles, black spots, and dark circles.   Though, aging is not new to you,  know the facts about aging that no one will tell you about.

  • The latest study revealed that people in their sixties through eighties tend to become happier.
  • Older adults excel more profoundly in high cognitive tasks, according to Illinois University Study.
  • The university of Michigan stated that older people are good at resolving and reasoning the social conflicts and dilemmas.
  • Older people have fewer migraine episodes than young individuals.
  • You will have better sex in old age as stated in the University of California.
  • You won’t have too much stress in your sixties or later life
  • Another set of studies reported that marriages and relationships will get better in old age.
  • You’ll surely love and enjoy your work more.

Despite getting affected by the number of problems, you can lead the remaining years of life peacefully.

How are aging and candida linked?

Whenever it comes to aging, you would imagine yourself as less beautiful and vibrant comparative to your younger look. Undoubtedly, exactly the same can or will happen to you, but do you know about premature aging? Do you feel like your old in your 20’s or even 30’s? if your answer is yes, then be aware that something is surely going wrong in your body.

What’s the culprit? Your food or your lifestyle?

Keep thinking for a second!

Are you guessing antibiotics?

Well, you’re 100% correct!

How disastrous antibiotics are for us can’t be determined through several parameters, in fact, latest researches are strongly believed that antibiotics should be used when the condition is not getting in control. Sadly, most of antibioticsus would pick antibiotics first for the treatment of illness instead of other safest drugs.

But, don’t antibiotics save our life?

Of course! They save our lives but if we’re taking these regularly, you would be doing a lot of damage.  The word antibiotics stand for ‘against life’. Shocked? Yes, it does mean that. If you’re opting for 7-day or 5-day course of antibiotics, around 100 million bacterial cells in your body are destroyed and discarded. It is estimated that it is more than 10 times of bacterial cells living in a normal human body. So, does this matter to your health?

The destruction of bacterial flora on a large scale creates a cascade of problems.

By the distortion of bacterial flora, the growth and development of the pathogens like E.colli, Candida Albicans, and Enterococci will be facilitated. If the normal bacterial flora is no more or limited in your body, the candida multiplication in an abnormal way will be speed up within 4 to 52 hours. Since bacterial flora is essential for your overall health, its absence could welcome a variety of problems.

Antibiotic resistance is also another rising issue in the world. A study in 2006 stated that after a 7-day course, the number of antibiotic resistant species is higher. Additionally, more than 2 million people die every year due to the antibiotic resistance.

In fact, this won’t be the end, what candida does is it promotes and produces the chronic inflammatory pathways associated with the rapid and advanced aging. In other words, it would drift you towards the premature aging. How? Well, low-grade chronic systemic inflammation favors the aging process. You would surely have heard about the high occurrence of inflammatory disorders in people crossed fifties or sixties. So, inflammation is the first sign of aging. Obesity, diabetes, physical inactivity, osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disorder, chronic kidney disease, and Alzheimer’s disease are the causes in which inflammation increases and if these are occurring in young individuals, then, somehow, it makes aging more rapid.

Secondly, candida overgrowth increases the Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) release, acting on proinflammatory pathways through cytokines, proteins, and chemokines. MMP has a prominent role in the tissue degradation. Where inflammation is present, the MMP will also be present. Candida modifies the host’s MMP-9 and inhibitors. As a result, candida has a strong participation in the tissue degradation.

Proteinases, phosphatases, lipases, amidases, and phospholipases drive the inflammatory process. Not only the cells and tissues are broken down, yet, it also causes the destruction drastically. So, candida overgrowth can be the major reason of the inflammation in your body. Ageing-related hormone’s production is controlled by the hypothalamus in your brain and these hormones production is activated through the inflammation-activated signaling pathways.

Candidiasis has an effect on the tumor progression as well as metastasis. So, antibiotics are more than harmful for aging.

Candida has a well-established connection between inflammation. And inflammation is the cardinal signal of becoming older.

If you understand the inflammation clearly, you can relate the fungal disease to so many conditions and problems.

Though, premature aging is facilitated by many reasons, including, pollution and excessive pill’s usage, but, the inflammatory processes could actually boost the premature aging.

Perhaps, try to avoid antibiotics, not only to prevent the activation of candida overgrowth, in fact, to stay younger, beautiful and vibrant.

So, will you say no to antibiotics from now onwards? Choose the better option and try to stick to it!