Is Cancer related to Candida? Know the facts that no one will tell you!

Cancer is the third leading cause of death in the entire world. Despite taking all the preventive measures of cancer, the abnormal growth of cells may start in your body.

Do you have an idea what is the reason of it?  Well, we would take some conditions for granted and believe that they won’t cause any major, potentially life-threatening disease, but the fact is, it would be the hidden reason of the major ailment.   Similarly, people won’t think that there would be any association between candida and cancer, but actually, there is a strong relationship among them.

Even some studies also claim that candida and cancer are inter-related. Few researchers stated that cancer occurs due to candida, but, on the other end of the spectrum, it is revealed that both has a symbiotic relationship, growing in a low pH and high acidic environment. So, candida is more than a yeast infection.

The ugly Truth of Candida

So, what is candida and how does it affect your body?  Candida Albicans is what is candidathe normal flora present in your body, aiding in the healthy immune system and nutrient absorption. The problem arises when the candida overproduces and it exceeds the standard concentration of the fungus.
Due to overproduction of candida, the infection starts and cause destruction within your body.

If you just ignore your condition and leave it untreated, the intestinal lining will be broken down and the infection penetrates into the bloodstream.
You would be thinking that what leads to the development of the candida’s excessive production?   Well, your body’s pH is extremely important for maintaining the good profile of bacteria, however, when it doesn’t happen, the series of events begin in your body, which could eventually leave negative impact on the systems.

Perhaps, the healthy bacteria along with the functional immune system candida causesplays a critical role fighting with the stubborn infections.
Birth-controlling pills, antibiotics, Oral corticosteroids, high consumption of yeast products, metabolic disorders, and even suppressed immunity can stimulate and aggravate the candida infection.

Report to the doctor, if you’re experiencing,

  • Chronic fatigue
    Mood disorder
    Oral thrush
    Recurrent vaginal and urinary tract infections
    Intestinal distress
    Brain fog
    Sinus infections
    Skin and nail infections
    Hormonal imbalance

Keep in mind that earlier you’re detected with the disease, earlier your intervention will be.

what is cancerCancer- The silent, abnormal growth in your body

Who doesn’t know what the cancer is?  When your normal cancer cells start working in a weird, bizarre way, then, the growth of tumor would begin in your body. The evaluation of cancer in earlier phases is usually difficult, but, when the disease advances, you would get variety of symptoms, including,
Bowel changes, rectal bleeding, changes in urine, unexplained vaginal bleeding, breathlessness, unhealed wounds or cuts, heavy night sweats, new mole or change in mole, unexplained lumps, unexplained pain or ache.

Cancer has different stages with different types. So, its treatment would vary according to the type and stage of cancer.

How are candida and cancer linked with each other?

In cancer’s prevention to-do-list, you would never consider going with anti-yeast or anti-fungal diet. Surprisingly, very few oncologists will tell you to stay away from yeast when you’re diagnosed with cancer. The main link between two is both of them are opportunistic pathogens, taking benefit of the immune system and causing damage to your system.

In a recent research, it is concluded that Candida actually escalates the cancer cellscancer cells production. Candida Albicans initiate the inflammation, increase the response of Th17 cells, and produces carcinogens. In other words, all of these events can worsen cancer or even promote the growth of abnormal cells.

Can you guess which carcinogens are released due to Candida?

Acetaldehyde and nitrosamine are two cancer-causing chemicals produced by Candida Albicans. Nitrosamine stimulates the specific pro-cancer genes, whereas, acetaldehyde damages the DNA along with many other dangerous effects.

Inflammation anyhow encourages the tissue damage. Antibodies will be formed against Candida and it would be another strike towards alcohol and sugar consumption. Cancer and candida should not be ignored, because they could lead to a more serious, complicated disease.
How would you know that rather you’re suffering from candida or not?

A simple test can figure out the presence or absence of the candida infection:  Just keep the water-filled glass nearby your bed. When you wake up, spit into the glass and see closely the following indicators after every 15 minutes, tiny cloudy spots in the water, stingy trails from the saliva’s surface resembling like the jelly-fish tentacles are moving. If you’ve found the indicators within few minutes, it means that your condition is more worsening. However, if you’re not observing any candida signs, then, you’re cleared as candida-free.

One theory suggested that leukemia occurs because of candida overgrowth in your body. Dr. Milton White, MD, specialized in internal medicine explained that cancer is an infectious, chronic, and fungus disease. He wheat graineven found fungal spores in every cancerous tissue sample.
Including grains, barley, wheat, sorghum, and, peanuts are releasing a different chemical named mycotoxins. So, it’s better to consume these foods but doesn’t exceed the average intake.

Prevention of Candida means Prevention of Cancer.

Of course, some measures are really important to stay away from candida. Avoid antibiotics as much as you can. Eat yogurt daily for getting the good bacteria in your body. Get your maintenance plan now, if you have a recurrent yeast infection in a year. Keep your oral hygiene well-maintained.

Eat less sugar so that candida won’t get the medium to grow abnormally. Take the antifungal medications as per doctor’s suggestion.
The diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of Candida and cancer are not too much difficult though, but, it depends on how seriously you’re even taking the symptoms.

Just remember, your little negligence towards your health could lead to paying off the higher costs in the form of illness, impairments, and even, death.
So, will you prefer early diagnoses from now onwards?


19 thoughts on “Is Cancer related to Candida? Know the facts that no one will tell you!”

  1. Hello. Thank you for reading my post.  It is good that you are interested in getting this information out to others. Yes.. doctors either don’t know about this cause they are only taught to push prescriptions..or if they do know.. then they just don’t want people to know because of drug companies making millions off of people. I only believe in holistic doctors because that is who diagnosed me finally after years of going to the regular doctors. I’m not sure if you read my story on my website..but please do.  I only take natural things now. Look at the review page. I cured this candida! Which is a life threatening thing .specially since it was systemic.

  2. Hello. In reference to what the objective is… To inform people of how candida is related to cancer. YES OF COURSE if someone has symptoms of cancer I do recommend checking with their doctor. But I do recommend  a holistic doctor because that’s the only kind of doctor that diagnosed what I have had. I’m all about taking natural things. No prescription meds for me anymore. Ever… Been down that road. My website is about taking natural things for Candida and how candida can lead to other diseases. 

  3. Hello JJ.. Thank you for reading my post and having an interest in keeping healthy with probiotics. Everyone needs to take probiotics daily as a supplement.  The best ones to take are posted on my website. The only one I take is symbion probiotics. If you would read my story on my website you can understand why these specific probiotics are the best. They have a website to order them. Go check out my review page and you will find a link. Candida is caused by using alot of antibiotics, stress, sugar. Make sure you eat right and stay away from sugar. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask.

  4. I liked the content of your website and the fact that it has lots of content is good because more content makes more interest and that brings more traffic. The information was very interesting where could I get articles that could help me with content? How can I place content beside pictures like that? That was good too I been trying to find a way to do that. I also wondered how you made your menus pop up at the top? I have not got to working on that part yet.

  5. Thank you for your informative article on candida.  Though I haven’t had it for years, I did a few times when younger.  After reading your article, I am very glad my candida episodes are a thing of the past. I had no idea it could trigger cancer.  

    I believe I will try the water test just to see what happens.  Thankfully, I think I’m okay. It is really great that you have given instructions on how to do that test.  It might provide peace of mind or a warning for lots of people.

  6. I have heard of candida but never really knew much about it. This article has given me a few surprises such as the fact that it is produced by overproduction of fungus. I am also surprised that it can develop into these deadly diseases. Recently I started on a course of probiotics, simply because my friend advised me to. Is there a way of knowing when to stop taking it ? Or should I keep using it as a regular supplement ? I have not been diagnosed with candida but I would like to know what is the best probiotic to take? Thank you for the information

  7. Thanks for this article. Unlike to think that I am healthy because I try all my best to stay as healthy as possible but I will definitely try to conduct a simple test as suggested in this post. I would be eager to know what’s going on in my body in line with this candida cycle and cancer. Though I didn’t know anything about this before reading it here. But it seems pretty dangerous to me and might require urgent attention if such were to be the case for me. Thanks


  8. Content

    Very informative and related references. Perhaps can add some video.


    I like the feature that can translate to different languages. The webpage is easy to maneuver. 


    Not quite sure what is the objective though. Are you sharing on how to prevent or seek medical help once you discover something is not right?

  9. Hi Sundra,

    This is an extremely important post. Who would have thought Candida proliferation is directly related to increased cancer incidences? I’ll certainly take the glass of water/spit test and will enlighten others. 

    Oncologists have a responsibility to expose these truths to us- but I fear they’ll never tell us everything. It’s high time we all joined hands and fought this global cancer menace. In my country it has been killing both great and small, Governors to commoners, poor or rich- it is not stopping. 

    It is high time we watched what we eat- and used natural herbs and foods to keep our bodies at optimal immune position against these killer diseases. We shall overcome!

    Boniface- AndroidBix

  10. I think we are in an era where cancer should be declared a world disaster. With the use of antibiotics in almost all ailments, it is scary to imagine that the antibiotics may stimulate candida infection.

    Anti-yeast and anti-fungal diet is not talked about often. I am almost scared to perform the candida infection test. But this is what I’ll do first thing when I wake up.

    Thank you for such a thorough explanation. Candida and cancer relation is something I have never heard before.

    I have learnt a lot from this article.

  11. I’m thankful for this great post that has enlightened me a lot and I think it is high time I conducted a candida test for myself. I have the fear of my system being acidic already due to the high level of consumption of caffeine besides, I take coffees a lot too. I fear I’m prone to such cycle of this candida and I don’t want to have cancer. So, I’ll be more carful with what I consume henceforth. Thanks


  12. Thank you for this interesting article. I think I already do a lot of the stuff that you said about preventing Candida but it is always a good reminder and good reinforcement. I don’t consume any refined sugar and I drink a lot of water. I usually eat like 8 ounces of Greek yogurt every day. I have a lot of healthy habits and a good exercise routine.
    At first the article kind of scared me but I think I am in the clear. I don’t consume anything with yeast. Things about people getting Candida where mentioned in my eating issues support group at one point and that was probably the first time I heard of it in my entire life.
    Does baking soda water help with Candida? I got kidney stones from eating lots and lots of spinach and baking soda water helps me with my kidney stones due to its effects on the pH. So I wonder if it would help with Candida.
    The test that you mentioned about spitting in the water sounds very convenient but I wonder could you please clarify it a little more? Maybe I Could look up a video on YouTube. Sometimes with that kind of thing it helps to have a visual.
    Well great website and it looks like you are spreading very helpful information on here. I look forward to reading more because it’s always good to be careful and take care of your health. I am a big believer that the prevention is the best cure.

  13. This is a topic very close to my heart.  Cancer is very prevalent in my family and recently, two of my friends have been diagnosed.

    I found the point about yeast causing inflammation and making infections worse during cancer treatments so eye-opening.  It totally makes sense and it is something I must pass on to my friends currently going through chemotherapy.  I will be sure to ask them if their doctors even mentioned this to them.

  14. This theory is new for me as I never thought there would be a link between Candida and the onset of cancer. But I did notice that when I was eating all the wrong food, the discharge are usually more intense in terms of color and smell. I like to think that I am pretty healthy, but will conduct the simple test as suggested. Really curious to know what’s going on in the body. Thanks for the insights!

  15. Hi I am so glad that I read your post.  This was very informative with information about Candida and how to fight it along with how Candida and Cancer are linked together.  More people need to know this information about how to fight fungal infection in order to help prevent Cancer from growing.    Also I appreciate your suggestion to eat less sugar …or no sugar along with eat yogurt and don’t take too much antibiotics.  This is really good information for everyone.    Thank you for providing the references which gives additional great information.  Thanks again for your great post.  

  16. Thanks for this informative article about the relation between Candida and Cancer.I personally did not know about Candida before.From this article I just come to know how Candida and Cancer related each other.Every year’s hundreds of thousands people are diagnoses by Cancer.But still people are not aware about this.Most of us still not taking action to prevent Cancer.But after reading your article it is clear to me if we want most of the time we could prevent this life killing disease(Cancer).So I will really recommend every one to read this article to know about Candida and Cancer.And take these steps to prevent this disease. Because as we know prevention is better then a cure. 

  17. This has served as a warning for me as I consume a lot of coffee or caffeine, and together with sugar and creamer, I suspect that my system is already acidic that’s beyond normal. And when the systems is acidic, like you said in the article, it becomes conducive to diseases like Candida or Cancer.

    Thanks for this enlightening article. Tomorrow, I will conduct that Candida spit test that you’ve shared.

  18. Wow! Candida is definitely a strange name in my vocabulary but one that would take up my time and research for days to come. Seriously, I would have never known about such negligence on my side could be a cause of cancer in my body. Reading through this post, I was just amazed at the discoveries I made. I will bookmark this post and reread and also share it out to most people to get them sensitized against candida’s malfunction which may lead to cancer. Thanks

  19. Hi Sundra! I really appreciate I have come across your article. It’s the very first time I have learnt about the link between Cancer and Candida. I didn’t know how important pH is in our body for maintaining a good profile of bacteria. From here on I’ll pay close attention to breaking the candida cycle (specially avoiding sugars).  

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