How the candida becomes an enemy of your gut

While completing the today’s task, Jennifer is feeling like a sick and weak person.  Though, she has been experiencing the cramping and loss of appetite for two days,  she just ignored the symptoms and continues working. In the meantime, it’s terrible for her to tolerate the belly pain. She has just decided to go home right away. While returning back at home, her condition becomes more worsened. All of a sudden, she experiences the serious diarrhea, joint pain and abdominal cramps. What is wrong with  Jennifer’s health? Is it food poisoning or something else?

Well, do you have  an idea about the crohn’s disease? Do you experience the indigestion issues frequently? Weak digestive tract could be due to many reasons, including unhealthy diet food, overeating, fast eating and even, some medications.

Your body contains several bacteria to act as the guard against the harmful foreign body. Candida Albicans is also one of the agents. But, when your normal cells of the body work like a destroyer for the healthier cells, they can disturb the normal functioning of the Candida Albicans as well.

Not only  does the weaker immune system and inappropriate food choices  be major reasons behind the crohn’s disease, in fact, the overgrowth of the Candida also contributes for gearing up or even initiating the crohn’s disease. Yes, it sounds uncertain, but actually it happens in Europeans most commonly. So, could the candida become dangerous for the gut? Is there any relationship between the candida and crohn’s disease? Well, there are established evidences about the fungal candida’s contribution in the crohn’s disease. Though, you’re more excited to know more about their association, but before jumping directly to their relationship, let’s have a look at both of them separately,

Candida Albicans – From defender to the rebellion

As discussed above that candida is the normal flora living in your body in order to provide the optimal protection, but, when their environment is changed due to the decreased stomach acidity, excessive exposure of the antibiotics, , increased uptake of antacids, high uptake of the sugary food and drinks and impaired behavior of the normal immune cells, then the candida becomes rebellion and pathogenic.

In the mucosal layers of the gastrointestinal, genital and respiratory tract, the Candida is present and grows with a smooth rate. In fact, candida is responsible for converting the sucrose into the acid and glucose into the gas and acid.

The microbial overgrowth can cause the serious infections with the high mortality and morbidity rate. Around 40-50% death rate is increased due to such infection nowadays.

However, it’s possible that the crohn’s disease may often misdiagnose as the candidiasis due to the symptoms mimicry. But, if the complete medical screening is conducted at the time, the chances of the complications can be minimized. Besides with attacking the healthy gut, the fungal candida can also cause the oral thrush, vaginal yeast infections and athletes’ foot.

Of course, the candida’s abnormal growth can be managed, only if it is detected earlier. Yet, you can also be secured from other diseases as well.

Crohn’s disease – gut’s health destroyer

Around 400,000 to 600,000 people are suffering from the Crohn’s disease in the US by every year. Though, this disease is becoming too much common in the developed and developing countries, but, major cause behind the crohn’s disease is still unknown. Most of the researchers believed that the loss of equilibrium between the optimal functionality of the immune system and the appropriate food choices is somehow linked to the Crohn’s disease. Since it is a well-established fact that this is an autoimmunological disorder, in which the immune cells  are unable to recognize the foreign bodies and the resident cells, perhaps,  it starts destroying the healthy cells.

Weight loss, fever, chronic diarrhea with bloody pus or mucous, abdominal tenderness with severe pain, vomiting, rectal pain and feeling a mass in the abdomen are the cardinal alarms of the Crohn’s disease. Also, if you’re feeling a higher discomfort level just after eating the spicy, yet, delicious food, then, it is also due to the impaired functioning of the digestive system. However, the Crohn’s disease is a life-threatening condition which shouldn’t be ignored .

This disease is not restricted to the certain age limit, yet, it can be started in the early adulthood. Its severity and intensity may vary from person to person, but recovery from this disease depends on how much you are paying attention to the symptoms and how rapidly you are enrolling for medical screening. Just Remember, your health comes first than anything else in your life!

Nevertheless, Candida has the capability to cause the crohn’s disease, but how? Is it possible? Does candida gear up the crohn’s disease? Well,  several questions may be popping up in your mind. Don’t get confused, how the candida is associated with the Crohn’s is discussed below, so, let’s explore!

How the Crohn’s disease and Candida are interlinked

As the frequency of the Crohn’s disease is increasing worldwide, the researchers and medical doctors are more curious to find the exact clue. And, luckily, several studies and researches confirmed that the Candida overgrowth is the hidden cause behind the detrimental Crohn’s disease.

  • In 2006, the study investigating about the different genetic linkage between the Candida and Crohn’s disease has been published in Journal of Clinical Microbiology. In 35 members of the different families have the strains of the C. Albicans. Furthermore, all of them have also reported that they’ve experienced the Crohn’s disease in their life as well. Hence, it is concluded that the families having the higher C.Albicans strains are more prone to get the Crohn’s disease.
  • Another study published in the Trends in Immunology in 2010 revealed that the protein named as NLRP3 (NOD-like receptor pyrin domain-containing protein 3), acting as the prominent defense against the Candida’s , By activating the NLRP3, the overgrowth of the Candida can be stopped. On the contrary, an impairment in the NLRP3 activating mechanism can welcome the microbes, including, the C.Albicans. As a result, the inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s can be developed.
  • In 2009, the study has been published in Medicine Sciences and concluded that the strange, anti-glycan antibodies have been found as an unexpected link between the C. Albicans and Crohn’s Still, this area needs more attention by the researchers to know the complete story about it.
  • In Medical Sciences, another study supported the candida and Crohn’s association has been revealed. The study explored that the greater genetic affinity of the C.Albicans can lead to the fungal transmission from the oral cavity to other parts of the body, including the GI segment. So, If crohn’s disease is running in your family, maybe, it is because of the fungal overgrowth.
  • The cohort study conducted in England supposed that  over one million children who had received the antibiotics over five times during the first year of life are most likely to develop the Crohn’s disease than those who are not too much exposed towards the antibiotics.

What you need to do after getting diagnosed with the Crohn’s disease due to Candida overgrowth?

Of course, the natural medicines play an integral role in managing the symptoms, but few other lifestyle alterations can change your life positively. Living with Crohn’s disease is a bit difficult though, but, it doesn’t mean to just boycott from your favorite foods. Just remember, everything in moderation is the best rule to lead a happy life!

Talk to a nutritionist first. While consulting with him, you’ll know that which food is good for your health and which should be mostly avoided. You should definitely say goodbye to meat and pork, because it can aggravate your condition. Instead of choosing the high-carb diet, go for the fiber food! Opt for the healthier oil option like olive oil. Keep track of what you’re eating. By doing this, you can keep the record of the food that is suitable or not suitable for you. Don’t forget to control your portion size!

Quit smoking on a serious note. Not only the candida is involved in causing the Crohn’s disease, in fact, the smoking can also trigger the Crohn’s disease. Also, avoid the alcohol as much as you can. Since, the alcohol can interfere with the medications of the Crohn’s disease, it can delay the progression.

Just avoid the aspirin as well. Aspirin can exaggerate the inflammation due to crohn’s disease..

Are you feeling lethargic and weak? Do some exercise right away! Most probably, sleeping is also a big trouble for you as well. By including the regular exercise in your life, your sleep will also be improved. As a plus point, this will also get rid the depression too.

If the symptoms are still fluctuating, then, just discuss it with your doctor. It might be possible that you’re in the flare-up phase. So, Crohn’s disease associated with the candida is manageable. But, make sure that you consult a holistic doctor and  do check out my candida cure page.

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7 thoughts on “How the candida becomes an enemy of your gut”

  1. This is a very informative article. I have read about Candida but your article really gives a clearer view about it. It helps to have a healthy diet and lifestyle habits to keep this at bay. I like that you included how Crohn’s disease and Candida are interrelated. Thanks for sharing this – more people should be aware of these conditions.

  2. Thank you George for your concern about this problem. It is very prevalent globaly and in states. Yes ,If this condition is not halted in its tracks, It can kill. That was my journey in this. I was about to not make it much longer. Thank goodness I found a holistic doctor that diagnosed me. People just do not know the cause of their health issues. Yeast is a big part of them. Health problems are inherited this way,,, when the parent is not healthy, their child will not be. But, any health issues can be reversed. We have to eat right and take the right things such as probiotics, etc. I have reached a stage where I can manage it. It is quickly going away.

  3. Yes , Health issues are caused by what we eat. There is a way to reverse these issues. Thanks for the comment.

  4. My aunt had Crone’s disease. It was not pretty and eventually it lead to her passing last year. My sister also had some of the same issues. I work with so many people have who have digestive issues and believe it’s due to the standard American diet and processed foods, not to mention GMOs. Thanks for the good post.

  5. This is interesting. I had.nio clue that such a disease/condition even existed. Is this condition fatal? Has anyone passed on as a result of this deserve? How prevalent is it in the states or globally?
    Is it hereditary? Thanks for this very informative article. I hope you have reached a stage where you can manage and control it better.

  6. well, It depends on the person and what they are willing to do as far as changing their lifestyle, eating habits, . I would suggest you to go my website and on my review page is a link to a book about the food grade hydrogen peroxide, Take a look at that,.I have never had crohns, and I am yet to find a person with crohns to take this, but I do know it has helped others with other health issues such as, diabetes, blood pressure issues, some cancer issues also, and of course candida, which I have had. so I am not sure of the affects of this product on that particular disease, ,I highly suggest you read the book get the information about the product. It does have a protocoll on how to take it,

  7. I remember I visited your site once before and I was impressed by the valuable info you offered. This post makes no exception, and I’m really glad I cam across it.
    I heard of Crohn’s Disease before but I didn’t know too much about it, and I had no idea Candida could have any connection to it at all.
    It’s incredible how too many bacteria that are normally inside our body could harm us, as this is the example of Candida.
    Do you have any idea how much it takes to get rid of Crohn’s disease? I mean, is the treatment working fast, generally speaking?

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