Candida Cure

1.The most important thing to do first in fighting this candida is if your stress levels are high, Get them under control!

If you continue to have stress, your candida will be harder to go away. 

Here are some ways you can get stress under control:


  • If your diet has plenty of fermented foods , like sauerkraut  and kimchi, have several beneficial strains of bacteria that keep  overgrowth and infection in check when the body’s defenses are down.
  • Contains foods that support the growth of beneficial bacteria. Choose foods that keep the body in a slightly alkaline state. Foods that create an acidic environment  are foods that contribute to inflammation and that trigger an immune response in the body.

    Foods that need to be avoided are: Foods with added sugar or refined sugar, processed foods, and foods that contain industry byproduct oils such as canola,safflower,vegetable, soy, and corn oil.

2. Address possible mercury issues. Because yeast is an immune system reaction to mercury. It absorbs its own weight in mercury and by doing so it binds it so it cannot enter the blood stream to poison you. As a result, the more mercury you have, the more yeast you are going to have. Do a mercury and metal cleanse. By doing a colon cleanse, this will help. The best cleanse to get is the ultimate colon cleanse.


3. Do not eat sugar products-VERY IMPORTANT! 

4. Eat a low carb diet.

5.  I take a very good probiotic that I found. I had found it by researching candida online. It helps with the immune system. You can read about it on their website. You can go HERE to order the probiotic I take.

6.Here is another important probiotic I take specifically targeting candida. It is called profase. This is the probiotic that gets rid of candida quickly. I started using it about three years after I was diagnosed with candida.

Go to my review page to see my information about these products and to also be able to read about 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide.

+++Please note:  I am not a doctor, I am sharing my personal experience with candida and the various symptoms it causes. If you are being treated by a doctor for a serious condition, do not stop taking medications unless you check with him first.