Is Cancer related to Candida? Know the facts that no one will tell you!

Cancer is the third leading cause of death in the entire world. Despite taking all the preventive measures of cancer, the abnormal growth of cells may start in your body.

Do you have an idea what is the reason of it?  Well, we would take some conditions for granted and believe that they won’t cause any major, potentially life-threatening disease, but the fact is, it would be the hidden reason of the major ailment.   Similarly, people won’t think that there would be any association between candida and cancer, but actually, there is a strong relationship among them.

Even some studies also claim that candida and cancer are inter-related. Few researchers stated that cancer occurs due to candida, but, on the other end of the spectrum, it is revealed that both has a symbiotic relationship, growing in a low pH and high acidic environment. So, candida is more than a yeast infection.

The ugly Truth of Candida

So, what is candida and how does it affect your body?  Candida Albicans is what is candidathe normal flora present in your body, aiding in the healthy immune system and nutrient absorption. The problem arises when the candida overproduces and it exceeds the standard concentration of the fungus.
Due to overproduction of candida, the infection starts and cause destruction within your body.

If you just ignore your condition and leave it untreated, the intestinal lining will be broken down and the infection penetrates into the bloodstream.
You would be thinking that what leads to the development of the candida’s excessive production?   Well, your body’s pH is extremely important for maintaining the good profile of bacteria, however, when it doesn’t happen, the series of events begin in your body, which could eventually leave negative impact on the systems.

Perhaps, the healthy bacteria along with the functional immune system candida causesplays a critical role fighting with the stubborn infections.
Birth-controlling pills, antibiotics, Oral corticosteroids, high consumption of yeast products, metabolic disorders, and even suppressed immunity can stimulate and aggravate the candida infection.

Report to the doctor, if you’re experiencing,

  • Chronic fatigue
    Mood disorder
    Oral thrush
    Recurrent vaginal and urinary tract infections
    Intestinal distress
    Brain fog
    Sinus infections
    Skin and nail infections
    Hormonal imbalance

Keep in mind that earlier you’re detected with the disease, earlier your intervention will be.

what is cancerCancer- The silent, abnormal growth in your body

Who doesn’t know what the cancer is?  When your normal cancer cells start working in a weird, bizarre way, then, the growth of tumor would begin in your body. The evaluation of cancer in earlier phases is usually difficult, but, when the disease advances, you would get variety of symptoms, including,
Bowel changes, rectal bleeding, changes in urine, unexplained vaginal bleeding, breathlessness, unhealed wounds or cuts, heavy night sweats, new mole or change in mole, unexplained lumps, unexplained pain or ache.

Cancer has different stages with different types. So, its treatment would vary according to the type and stage of cancer.

How are candida and cancer linked with each other?

In cancer’s prevention to-do-list, you would never consider going with anti-yeast or anti-fungal diet. Surprisingly, very few oncologists will tell you to stay away from yeast when you’re diagnosed with cancer. The main link between two is both of them are opportunistic pathogens, taking benefit of the immune system and causing damage to your system.

In a recent research, it is concluded that Candida actually escalates the cancer cellscancer cells production. Candida Albicans initiate the inflammation, increase the response of Th17 cells, and produces carcinogens. In other words, all of these events can worsen cancer or even promote the growth of abnormal cells.

Can you guess which carcinogens are released due to Candida?

Acetaldehyde and nitrosamine are two cancer-causing chemicals produced by Candida Albicans. Nitrosamine stimulates the specific pro-cancer genes, whereas, acetaldehyde damages the DNA along with many other dangerous effects.

Inflammation anyhow encourages the tissue damage. Antibodies will be formed against Candida and it would be another strike towards alcohol and sugar consumption. Cancer and candida should not be ignored, because they could lead to a more serious, complicated disease.
How would you know that rather you’re suffering from candida or not?

A simple test can figure out the presence or absence of the candida infection:  Just keep the water-filled glass nearby your bed. When you wake up, spit into the glass and see closely the following indicators after every 15 minutes, tiny cloudy spots in the water, stingy trails from the saliva’s surface resembling like the jelly-fish tentacles are moving. If you’ve found the indicators within few minutes, it means that your condition is more worsening. However, if you’re not observing any candida signs, then, you’re cleared as candida-free.

One theory suggested that leukemia occurs because of candida overgrowth in your body. Dr. Milton White, MD, specialized in internal medicine explained that cancer is an infectious, chronic, and fungus disease. He wheat graineven found fungal spores in every cancerous tissue sample.
Including grains, barley, wheat, sorghum, and, peanuts are releasing a different chemical named mycotoxins. So, it’s better to consume these foods but doesn’t exceed the average intake.

Prevention of Candida means Prevention of Cancer.

Of course, some measures are really important to stay away from candida. Avoid antibiotics as much as you can. Eat yogurt daily for getting the good bacteria in your body. Get your maintenance plan now, if you have a recurrent yeast infection in a year. Keep your oral hygiene well-maintained.

Eat less sugar so that candida won’t get the medium to grow abnormally. Take the antifungal medications as per doctor’s suggestion.
The diagnoses, treatment, and prevention of Candida and cancer are not too much difficult though, but, it depends on how seriously you’re even taking the symptoms.

Just remember, your little negligence towards your health could lead to paying off the higher costs in the form of illness, impairments, and even, death.
So, will you prefer early diagnoses from now onwards?