How are sinus infections related to candida?

Do you suffer from chronic sinusitis?

There is a relation between candida and sinus infections, you may also call it sinusitis. In my experience with candida, I had sinus infections. Every year when it started turning cold I would get a very bad sinus cold. You could say it was chronic sinus. I would have to stay in bed for a week, it took that long to get over it. I was so drained , did not have any energy. The symptoms I had were sinus pain, pressure, couldn’t breathe good, coughing,sore throat,and fever.

The Symptoms of Sinusitis are:

Runny nose.
Nasal congestion
Thick colored nasal drainagesinus infection headache
Head congestion
Post nasal drip
Facial pain or swelling
Diminished sense of smell and taste


I started seeing an iridologist, she started me on a sinus herb called sinus support. Once I started taking it, my sinuses were getting so much better. Not too long after using them I no longer had a chronic sinus cold come about when the end of the year came. I still had candida at that time, so I did have some sinus issues lingering.iridology eye chart

How Candida can cause sinus issues:

There was a study by the Mayo Clinic. They collected mucus from the nasal cavity of 210 sinus sufferers and tested each sample for fungi and bacteria. They found that 96 percent of those patients had fungi in their mucus. They concluded that the assumptions about chronic sinus infection(that only 10percent were related to fungi) were wrong. They were actually being caused by the body’s reaction to pathogenic fungi.natural cure for sinus infection

When sinus infections are treated with antibiotics, it actually gets worse. Because antibiotics kill off the good bacteria, therefore making the sinus infection worse.

Do not resort to surgery or steroids for sinus problems. They only make it worse! Since the fungus is the cause of sinus problems, then Candida, which is the fungus, is related to sinus infections. When you get rid of candida, you get rid of sinus infections.

The treatment for sinus problems:

Order the Sinus support here.
Stay away from sugar.
Get a good probiotic which is the symbion probiotic that I recommend.
Also, if you want to take another good probiotic that will get rid of candida, go to this website and order profase.
For immediate relief of sinus problems, use arometherapy=rosemary and peppermint are essential oils that are most frequently used. The best way to get these into your sinuses is to steam them. Add a few drops into a bowl and then fill it with boiling water, cover your head with a large towel and lean over the bowl. A few minutes of breathing into the steam and essential oils, should give you some relief.

Some other helpful suggestions to get rid of candida:

Eat coconut oil, only unrefined coconut oil is recommended. I order mine at Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, which is known for being antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal.coconut oil

Eat flaxseeds,psyllium, and chia seeds mixed in salads and smoothies to ensure proper bowel movements to eliminate the yeast.

Detoxing the liver is a great way to help further the elimination of candida.


Avoid these top ten myotoxic foods:

Alcoholic beverages
hard cheeses

If you need to ask any questions or want any more information on any of the things I discussed, send me an email or leave a comment.