Finding the Problem and Researching the Candida Cures that Work


      Let me tell you about how I ended up with Candida. As anyone knows, stress is a big factor in a lot of health issues, also things that you eat contribute also. I remember when I was younger, my teenage years, I consumed a lot of sugar products, mainly chocolate, like candy bars. Also, I drank a lot of sodas. I didn't realize at that time how important it is to make sure you eat the right things; healthy things.

     As I grew older, I continued on the same path of eating unhealthy, like fast food restaurants, no vegetables; Just carbs constantly.

     In 1986, I met my future husband. As young people are at the age of 18, I didn't make the right decisions in my life, so as a result, I had a lot of stress. I was married at a young age, had a baby; so, I wasn't as stress- free as I should have been.Symptoms of stress

     AS TIME WENT BY……..

As years went by, stress related issues got worse and worse. In the years 2002-2005, things were so bad, that my health started going downhill fast. I started feeling really bad at the beginning of 2005. My stomach started hurting all the time, I felt some burning pain under my ribs across the stomach area. I did not know what the problem was.

That's when I started going to see doctors. I started hurting so bad that I went to the emergency room at 3 different hospitals, with no answers.

As it continued, I was slowly losing weight, couldn't eat hardly. The burning pain got worse and worse, traveling everywhere, through my legs, arms, face, tongue, throat. I actually went to see a doctor and told him my symptoms and said to him that I thought I had toxins going through me(which was actually happening at that time and I didn't know it), and this is what he said: "quote" "unquote"- If toxins were going through you, you would not be talking to me right now. In other words; he thought I was stupid, that I did not know what I was talking about.

So I ignored that and listened to what else he had to say which was: Since you don't have insurance we will give you medication for an ulcer since you have had ulcers in the past: how silly right? So, I was prescribed the medication, and to my surprise, it actually was helping. It was a very strong antibiotic.

Well, after I started feeling better, all of a sudden I got this strong craving for chocolate, and I happened to have chocolate on hand ( too bad it was easter time, huh). I indulged myself in chocolate, which was the wrong thing to do. I started feeling bad again, this time, worse. So I was called in another prescription of the antibiotic. But this time, it did not help, which was odd. Back to the drawing board.

Emergency room



I continued to feel bad and started going to the health food store for answers. I did start taking things that did help somewhat. I still did not know what my health issue was, so I did not know what to take for sure. All this time I was still going to hospitals and having so many tests taken, blood work drawn, and no answers.

To get toward the end of my story here,(there is so much I went through that it will take pages to write) I ended up having my gallbladder taken out thinking that that was my major problem here, but, after that, It was 10 times worse. I ended up going to this general doctor and told him my symptoms( you just don't know how many times I had to repeat my symptoms to doctor after doctor and have them think I was crazy), All he could tell me was: I was having anxiety symptoms- then he prescribed me antidepressants. Oh My-that was the worse thing I could have done.

Oh, By the way, the causes of anxiety and panic attacks(which I had a lot of) are of course related to stress and candida.

Back to my story…  I switched from one antidepressant to another because each one was causing me suicidal thoughts. After the 6th or 7th antidepressant, I was told by the doctor that he did not know what to do so he will have to send me to a psychiatrist.

I went to this so called psychiatrist.  He prescribed me mirtazapine. That medicine put me out. made my muscles so weak that I couldn't get out of bed. It was the worst thing I could have took at the time because the suicidal thoughts going through my head was so strong, that I went on the internet to find the best and quickest way to kill myself. I stopped taking any drugs after that episode.Drug interactions





I happened to find a holistic doctor that specialized in candida. I was so desperate at that time to find out what was going on that I thought I would try anything to fix this problem. I was down to 97 pounds at that time.

I was fixing to go to Orlando Florida to see this famous doctor so he could help. I went to the holistic doctor 2 weeks before my trip to Orlando. I went back in a week after he took blood to do a test for candida and my hormones. I was told a week before the trip that I was diagnosed with candida, a high percentage of it.

He sent me home with a checklist of what not to eat and what I could eat. Also. some liquid to take to get rid of the candida. All the time I had this problem I had severe anxiety and brain fog- so when I left the doctor, I went straight to the health food store, bought some other product in pill form for candida, as soon as I took it I felt some of the brain fog go away.Doctor search



I went on my trip to Florida and seen the doctor to do a brain test. This test would check for brain chemical imbalances. I was so bad at that time, that the doctor actually paid for me to go to New York where his office was to get more tests done. I went there a couple of days after my Florida trip.

I had so many tests done. My bone density was so bad that I was on the verge of osteoporosis. My memory was so bad that when I was told a story(very short story) and was asked to answer questions about the characters, I could not remember hardly anything. I was told that 2 of my brain chemicals were very low. At the time I went on this trip, I could hardly sleep at all, maybe 3 hours at a time. Well, needless to say, I started on natural supplements for my health issues.




When I got back to my home state, I started researching on my own. Looking at websites about this candida. Trying to find a better product to use, because the ones I had wasn't working quick enough. I found a website in particular. I have forgotten the name of it, but the couple who made the site had candida like me, but had it for 12 years before they found what it was.Research problem

 There are two types of candida: systemic candida is the one I have(yes I still have it but very little now). Systemic candida is a very dangerous form of it. I have another page on my site that explains it.
As I was looking on this couple's website, I found a product that they tried, they said the symptoms of their candida was disappearing one by one as they took this product. So I decided to order it. When I received it, the very first pill I took really made a difference for me. It is a probiotic. I will mention the names of the products I use on my review page.




As I continued on this probiotic, I started feeling a little better as time went on..slow going tho. A friend of mine who is an e.f.t practitioner  found another product that he thought I could benefit from. It is called Food grade hydrogen peroxide. I started taking it and wow… My candida started going away quicker.. So, I was taking both the probiotic and the food grade hydrogen peroxide.

After awhile on those, my friend and I decided to do some cleanses, and he found a candida cleanse probiotic that we both started doing, and this particular probiotic, which targets candida, worked so quickly, that I have continued to stay on it all this time. Between the 2 probiotics and the food grade hydrogen peroxide, I am about over this candida. And let me tell you… candida is hard to get rid of! It makes you crave carbs and sugar, and if you give in to these 2 things, it backfires on you!Feeling good

I am feeling soo much better these days! and I do owe a lot to my friend that has helped me out a lot through this.

All those years that I suffered from this problem, could have been prevented if candida was more known by doctors.

Any of you that are suffering from this health issue,  please feel free to ask me any questions about it. I did not let it destroy me, it almost did, but I never gave up! I can tell you just about anything you need to know about it. There are a lot of candida symptoms, but you can overcome these!



Candida And Depression

Before I take you through my serious tough battle against Candida and Depression, I would like you to know some of the basic fundamentals as to why these deadly diseases enter in our life. What I have experienced in a broader sense was life and death are the only natural phenomenon that cannot be taken into the control of human hands. I sought the help of the angels on earth otherwise called specialized doctors.  To my observation, even expert doctors cannot help with it, if we are not aware and conscious of the subtle changes which happen in our body from time to time and take proper remediation. Because anything done to prevent adverse situations would go in vain, as the accurate time for a cure is elapsed already. It happened to me and can be with anyone as each one of us is so ignorant on health issues and fails to take proper treatment on time. Life reiterated to me that several diseases are in this category where treatment and medical checkups took on proper time will take out the pigment ‘seriousness’ and the healthy living is recovered back to the colorful life. Having gone through such tough and painful time, one such disease I would say in this category is Candida and Depression.

Candida- Meaning and its gravity………..

Now, let me take my time to tell you what this Candida is all about. Of course, it is a disease, if not taken care in due course of time it obviously turns into a deadly one. I will try here to explain it in simple meaning…..

Candida is a type of fungus found in mouth, skin,stomach and vagina which causes various infections in the body.bacterial infection A severe disease which is associated with the psychological and mental attribute is what Candida all about.

Still, researching has not yet come to an end for me. You might be wondering why I know alot about this topic. Yeah, I am a Candida patient. As I was not sure about what was happening inside my body, I went to see my friend who is a health practitioner.

I want to share with you his words as these may definitely help many across the world. “When proper attention is not paid to early symptoms, the disease will take the shape of a demon, stealing the peaceful life of the patient which will eventually lead to chronic depression and even death at doctorthe extreme”. I urge you to monitor your food habits, do not eat the constant consumption of unhealthy junk foods and intake of hazardous food; this will gradually increase the risk of Candida.

As it happened to me, this disease is hard to identify at first. In my case neither I nor my doctors could figure out what exactly was going wrong. This further aggravated tensions and worries in me, I thought some major health problem was running inside me that eventually took me to over thinking, insufficient sleep, and increased stress. The other thing happened with me was aging characterized by weight loss. The digestion process was multiplied and I had a craving temptation.

Depression-…………..its connection with Candida

As days went by, my body started showing up frustrations. Again I wanted to see the doctor. Then I realized how Candida and Depression are related. Let me tell you, depression is a condition or situation of one’s life in which person feels lack of confidence, discouragement, lack of interests, negatively over thinking and a completely insecure feeling towards life.

Candida and depression are the two terms often interchanged and used, but depressionin actual, their real nature distinguishes each other. The existence of Candida makes the patient depressed and depression makes Candida severe, this happens vice versa. This is what exactly happened with me.

Candida varieties to include Candida Albicans, Candida Tropicalis, CandidaGlabrata, Candida Parapsilosis, Candida Krusei, Candida lusitaniae of which the danger is the systematic Candida.

Systematic Candida

When I look up further for Candida causes and symptoms, I am really shocked to know that my body was covered with fungus.  I have learned from my doctor that dimorphic organism named Albicans Candida takes part creating mycelia fungal from the yeast. This Fungal so produced makes rhizoid which deepens its roots into the intestine and starts emitting chemicals in blood vessels and the patient later starts to suffer from the allergic sensation.

Causes of Candida….. 

Here on this page, I can discuss with you some causes of candida based on my experience and detailed study. In fact, there are several causes of candida. They are as follows:

• Overconsumption of antibiotics supplied to the body. This will lead to the destruction of useful bacteria in the body.

• Unlimited intake of sugar and similar items such as fructose and glucose sugarwill motivate the candida to grow large in number and thereby make the disease severity.

• High pressure and suffocation in the body enabling stress induces the chances of increasing the vulnerability of the disease.

• Obese people tend to suffer Candida more as the skin folded and twisted each other scrubbing, leads the sweat to persist over the skin surface and thereby making a congenial surrounding for the yeast to grow.

• Pregnancy is as same to obesity been developed temporarily and also the body will be weak than usual.

• The poor immune systems also lead develop Candida in a person.


Candida Symptoms …

I explain here some of the symptoms associated with this disease. The below symptoms which I have mentioned below reveals if a person suffers from Candida or not;

• If you feel like having more and more sugar or sweet products.

• You feel a brain fog sensation.

• white color deposits are seen as a layer in the tongue.

• Gas trouble and digestion problems.digestion

• Stress being experienced for a long time period making yourself over think unnecessarily.

• Depression and lack of interest in initiating any activitydietdoctor, do follow the diet chart that he suggests to you and ensure that you are strictly following the same on a daily routine.

2. Take a probiotic called Profase listed in my review page.

3.  Take food grade hydrogen peroxide listed on my review page.

4.Take a probiotic called symbion, listed on my review page.

My friend worked to the core to give me the best result. I soon started feeling better after the treatment. Feeling happy for what I am now. For more and detailed treatments please seek advice from an expert practitioner which would meet all your requirements.

I would like to highlight here some recent research findings on Candida –

“According to the recent studies and researches conducted, we could come up with some shocking facts that a large part of the entire population had come across Candida at least once in their lifetime. But since its effect was negligible the seriousness was not so identified.

This massive extension of disease spread far wide among the people is so because they are highly tensed and are bearing higher stress in the daily course of life”.

All that I can suggest you is to have a regular checkup of the body ensuring them if any deadly disease is conquering the body. Simultaneously make sure edible consumption of food equipping a strong immune system and so maintain a healthy life.
For any disease ‘prevention is better than cure’, be alert! Feel free to take my help if you still have questions, happy to help you! Take Care!